Christine Kersey

Author of Clean Suspense Novels


Welcome to my Website!

Here is the cover to my newest eBook, Don't Look Back. This is the sequel to He Loves Me Not and is available for $2.99.

It is strongly recommended that you read He Loves Me Not before reading Don't Look Back. The following product description contains spoilers for He Loves Me Not.

Hiding from her estranged husband Trevor, Lily Jamison has changed her name and settled in a small town in the California Central Valley. Though she continues to receive emails from Trevor that range from threats to professions of love, she tries to move on with her life.

To hide her identity she's had to lie to all those around her. To further protect herself she gets a dog and takes self-defense classes, but she lives in constant fear that all of her efforts will not keep her husband from tracking her down. Eventually she comes to realize that to truly put her past behind her, she needs to divorce Trevor. However, he has some demands of his own, including being involved in the life of the child Lily is carrying in her womb.

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